Hey, Partners and creators,

We first started the Partner Communications Hub a year ago to provide Partners with relevant information on product updates, program announcements like YouTube NextUp, and interesting things happening in the community.

Many of you have expressed enthusiasm for the current Hub, but have noted a few ways that we could improve: chiefly, an easier way to access the Hub, greater educational resources, a better way to communicate with other creators, and an overall improved and more fun experience.

So today, we’re excited to share that we’re launching the first step of a new hub for YouTube Partners and creators, your new, one-stop resource for everything related to Partners and creators, alike.  This new hub is the first, small step to a much broader, multi-month project that seeks to provide every tool that creators like you need to be successful.  You can find the first stage of the hub at  

There are a few new features that 
we’d like to share:
  • The new YouTube Creator Blog under Latest News will house everything you need to know about the latest product announcements, new programs like YouTube NextUp, and interesting community happenings like Music Tuesdays.
  • The YouTube Creator Playbook, a comprehensive guide to YouTube success, is available to the public for the first time.  You’ll find it in the Learn section.
  • Over 65 tutorials on everything from software to YouTube skills to camerawork.
  • YouTube Creator Clubs enable you to meet other Partners like you to collaborate on new content or simply to teach each other and have fun. 
  • Much more to come!

As mentioned, we'll be improving this new hub frequently in the coming weeks--but we need your help.  We’re constantly looking for feedback, so please share your thoughts on how we can improve this experience. 

Happy creating!

Bing Chen, YouTube Creator Initiatives, recently watched "Challenge | New Old Spice Guy Fabio"

Hi Partners and creators,

We’re excited to share the Learn section in this hub, the best place for you to enhance your skills. The Learn section has centralized resources like video tutorials, development programs, and ongoing optimization tips--all with one goal: to help you be the best creator possible.  This is just the first step in a journey to provide you with the most relevant tools, tutorials and development programs to help you achieve success.  

We’ve worked with numerous Partners and creators to find out what you’re looking for when wanting to improve your skills. Here are some of the things to check out:

  • The YouTube Creator Playbook, a comprehensive guide of important tips, best practices, and strategies that helps creators build audiences on YouTube, is available to the public for the first time.
  • Over 60 video tutorials from your favorite YouTubers like ApprenticeA and from trusted industry experts like B&H.  Check these out to learn about creating more innovative, fresh, professional content in an array of subjects.
  • Development programs like YouTube NextUp, the YouTube Creator Institute, On the Rise--and additional new programs--will live inside of the Learn section.  Stay tuned for new, interactive ways to explore the program participants’ content.
  • A full list of Creator Tools to continue to help you to create and improve your content.
We’ll be updating the hub frequently in the coming months, but we need your help! Keep letting us know your thoughts about what’s helpful and what you want to see in the feedback form.

Happy learning!

Taylor Marcus & Devon Storbeck, YouTube Partnerships Team, recently watched "Annoying Orange - The VooDoo You Do"

Hey, everybody,

Even after three years at YouTube, each of you continues to amaze and inspire me.  I often find myself spending my early days and late nights laughing with you and your fans at the latest video that you’ve posted.  On a few occasions, you’ve even brought me to tears.  

You create videos on shoestring budgets--and yet, you are still the richest community that I know of.  You are barely five feet tall and athletic giants; you’re from the United States and from Africa; you sing and you joke; and every day--whether in a small or big way--you change the world a little bit more.  That’s why I’m so excited about this new home for you--and creators like you from all around the world. 

Here in the Connect section of the new hub for Partners and creators, you’ll find out about all of the latest happenings in the YouTube creator community, whether it’s blossoming musicians during Music Tuesdays or one of our legendary star Partners.  And, when you want to, I’d like you to share your latest and most exciting stories with us so that others may be inspired by you, just as you have inspired me.  And I want you to help each other (whether it’s just to hang out or to collaborate on your next epic video), so consider signing up for a Creator Club in your area.  There are so many people who can learn from you and who you will learn from, too.  And I don’t need to tell you what kind of magic is created when two--or three or four--of you get together to create. 

The hub that you see now is just a tiny step of a much bigger project, so please start participating so that we can expand this and make it even better for our community in the future.  As always, we’re really open to your feedback, so please share it with us.

Sincerest wishes,

Did you ever think you’d be a part of a revolution? Wonder if your contributions to the world would add up to something greater? 

As we take the stage today at VidCon 2011, I can tell you for certain that they have. This two day gathering of annoying oranges, ukulele stars, voracious vloggers, super fans and thousands of other YouTubers like you is about changing the media landscape—one upload, view and mashup at a time. Not satisfied with just watching media, you've become the media. Not satisfied with flipping channels complaining there’s nothing on, you’ve created new ones with hundreds of millions of viewers, some of which will become as well known as networks like MTV, CNN and ESPN.

To all the people who are creating content on YouTube, THANK YOU. You have built the site into what it is today and we’re as committed as ever to providing you with the tools you need to make high quality videos and drive audiences to your channels. Initiatives like YouTube NextUp, the YouTube Creator Institute, and the revampedCreator Hub are part of this effort, as is the work we’re doing to make YouTube easy to watch on TV. And keep the feedback coming on Cosmic Panda—we look forward to re-inventing with you how YouTube works and feels in the future.

If you weren’t able to make it to VidCon this year and are eager to catch some familiar YouTube faces, we’ll be livestreaming a special VidCon performance on Saturday at 5pm PT. Come by and check it out! 

Salar Kamangar, Head of YouTube, recently watched “VidCon 2011 Approaches.”

Congratulations to Smarter Every Day (aka destinws2), who received the most votes in July’s On The Rise poll to become this month’s winner. Smarter Every Day will own the homepage spotlight all day today, thanks to your support.

Smarter Every Day is the result of Destin's fascination with the scientific method and his job as a rocket tester, bringing science to life with experiments like tracking movement patterns of chicken’s head and a DIY high-speed camera. Destin aims to have the channel leave you a little smarter about the science behind our world, while also hoping to motivate his children to explore and even to help with their college education. To kick off your experience with Smarter Every Day, Destin put together a Rube Goldberg system of rockets that’s eye-popping for both the visuals and the fact that he made it in 36 hours.

Here’s a word from Destin about Smarter Every Day:
Imagine a Junior High school science fair except the kids have Master's degrees in Rocket Propulsion and have access to much cooler resources. Since I could talk I've always asked ‘why,’ and I frequently setup experiments to answer just that question. I love to explore creation using the tools of the Scientific method as my map and compass. The saying I've taught my children is that ‘in a world of talkers we are to be thinkers and doers.’ I am very thankful for those who took the time to vote for ‘Smarter Every Day’ in the On The Rise video contest. Come join the fun and contribute science projects you'd like to see in this science fair!
If you’ve enjoyed monthly On The Rise blog series and want to see more rising YouTube partners, check out our On The Rise channel or look for our playlists on the browse page. Keep an eye out for next month’s blog post, as your channel may be the next one On The Rise!

Devon Storbeck, Account Manager, recently watched “Magnet making Current - Smarter Every Day 16.”